Google’s Algorithm Update- What You Need To Know

Google’s recent rollout of the “Helpful Content Update” has sent ripples through the SEO community, leaving many websites struggling to adapt. This article aims to shed light on the update and guide you on how to tweak your content strategy accordingly.

What Caused the Update?

Like many of its predecessors, this update stems from attempts to manipulate Google’s algorithm. We’ve seen a surge in content that drives traffic despite lacking quality. This trend is partly due to advancements in AI and the spamming of websites with subpar content. Google’s latest update intends to pivot the focus of search engine results pages (SERPs) from SEO-centric content to material that genuinely addresses user intent.

The Shifts In Your Strategy

Google’s recent focus has shifted away from NLP (Natural Language Processing) – essentially, the use of keywords and semantics similar to keywords. This change is understandable given the proliferation of low-value content that fails to answer user queries. How many times have you searched for an answer only to scroll endlessly through an article to find what you’re looking for?

The key takeaway for content creators is to focus less on NLP and semantics and more on producing content that satisfies user intent. This shift is a boon for true experts, allowing them to streamline their content and showcase their knowledge without unnecessary filler.

Tread Carefully With AI

Artificial Intelligence has been a significant driver behind this change. Many sites have seen a downturn due to their reliance on AI-generated content. Does this mean you should abandon AI? Absolutely not. AI should be viewed as a tool – not a content creator. For those familiar with platforms like ChatGPT, it’s clear that AI can’t generate high-quality content with a simplistic prompt. Instead, it’s best used for research assistance, aid in writing, and efficiency.

Authority is King

A principle I always stress is the importance of Authority, typically garnered through links. Post-update, this is truer than ever. Google seems to be doubling down on authority, underlining the need for a robust backlink strategy. Establishing your site as an authoritative source is now more crucial than ever.

The Benefits for Businesses

Interestingly, this update seems to have hit niche sites the hardest, with some reporting up to a 90% loss in traffic. On the flip side, many business sites we manage have flourished. This success can likely be attributed to Google’s heightened emphasis on reputable experts and businesses. It appears that Google is veering away from niche sites, which often serve as mere vehicles for Google AdSense, and leaning towards sites offering genuine, expert content.

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